Fenton Blue

The Fenton Blue is a blue / green egg laying bird I am developing here on the farm. It is a different colour this year due to a new cross I am using which will hopefully lay a higher percentage of blue / green eggs. The Fenton Blue is a Cream Legbar cross, hopefully producing more and better sized eggs than the pure Cream Legbar. It normally has a crest or head tuft and a brown tinge to it’s white feathers.

It lays about 240 eggs in its first year but hopefully over time this figure will increase as the breeding improves. About 80% of the birds will lay blue/green eggs the rest will lay brown eggs.

They will lay more eggs than a Cream Legbar and the eggs will be bigger and more greenish than the blue of the Cream Legbar although there is a variation in colour.

Point of Lay Prices (for over 24 please ring for a price)

1 to 12 birds £14.50  
13 to 24 birds £13.50  

Note: All birds are fully vaccinated

Click here for movie by Andrew Gabriel