Visit our eggcessories "shop" at Fenton Farm in Holcombe Rogus for Feed, Straw & Hatching Eggs.

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Fenton Blue Chicken Information
Layers Pellets

This feed has an excellent pedigree containing optimum levels of calcium, phosphorus and Vitamin D3 that's required for bone strength, good shell quality, consistent yolk colour, excellent egg production and size. When feeding Farmgate Layers feed you don't require any additional limestone or oyster shell as the diet is fully balanced.


Speckledy Chicken Information
Starter Crumbs

Specially formulated to be fed to day old chicks, getting them off to a healty start. Fortified with all the essential vitamins and trace minerals. Feed ad-lib from day old to approx 5/6 weeks of age. Hybrid laying strains will eat approx 1kg over this period.


Light Sussex Chicken Information
Bag of Straw

Feedbag of Straw


Light Sussex Chicken Information
A Dozen Hatching Eggs

Cream Legbar, Fenton Blue, Rhode Island Red


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