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At Fenton Farm Poultry we produce award winning blue green, brown and white free-range eggs, which are sold through various retailers including many independent delis like Mortimer & Bennett, Partridges and De Beauvoir Deli as well as larger prestigious shops including 5 local Waitroses and Wholefoods Market.  We also supply Kosher Shops, including Kosher Kingdom and Flax, with Free Range white eggs.

Our eggs have won two prestigious Small Producer of the Year awards sponsored by Waitrose and the Times, winning not only the fresh food category but also best newcomer award. We also won the British Egg Council’s Small Producer Award. Our eggs have won Gold and Silver medals from Taste of the West.

Reared on our family farm in Holcombe Rogus on the Devon/Somerset border, all our hens are kept in small hen houses from which they can range throughout the day on green pasture. They have a natural cereal diet. I believe that our hens have the best conditions in which to produce excellent quality eggs. All lay strong shelled eggs with bright coloured yolks.

We keep three different breeds of chicken, Fenton Blues, our own breed based on a cream legbar, which lay beautiful blue/green eggs; Hybrid Rhode Island Reds, which lay traditional brown eggs; and White Leghorns which lay bright white eggs.

Fenton Farm Poultry produces a range of different boxed free-range eggs:-

Fenton Farm Mixed coloured eggs – pink egg boxes containing a mixture of blue/ green, brown and white eggs.

Fenton Farm Brown Eggs – green egg boxes containing brown eggs.

Fenton Farm White Eggs – blue egg boxes of white eggs.

We also supply trays of white or brown eggs for catering. Our eggs are available through the following wholesalers:

Crook and Churn 01747 812000

J & R Food Service 01392 445510

Longman Cheese Sales 01963 441146

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