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Fenton Farm Poultry is situated on the Somerset / Devon border at Holcombe Rogus, we are a family run farm specialising in poultry. 01823 672075

We also grow wheat and barley. The farm is in the Higher Level Environment Scheme to help encourage wildlife and bio-diversity.

We breed, hatch and rear the blue egg laying Fenton Blue chicken and sell hybrid chicken including Speckledy, Rhode Rock and White Leghorn in either large or small numbers, for the back garden or small commercial operations. We sell mainly point of lay birds but can supply Fenton Blue day old or hatching eggs.

My father John Gabriel and myself, Andrew Gabriel, also have over 55 years experience of rearing turkeys, which are mainly sold at four weeks old off heat in August. We also sell Free Range Kelly Bronze and Kelly White turkeys at Christmas, which are dry plucked and hung for 10 days to enhance the flavour. We are well known for our expertise and for the quality of our birds.

In addition we produce award winning mixed coloured bright pink boxes of Free Range blue/green, brown and white eggs, which are sold through various outlets Click here for photo. We also sell boxed Free Range brown eggs in bright green boxes and Free Range white eggs in bright blue boxes.

I am proud of the quality of our chicken and turkeys and the conditions in which they are kept. If you would like to come and see them for yourself or would just like to call for some advice please contact me.  

Andrew Gabriel aka Turkey Frank
Fenton Farm, Holcombe Rogus