Norfolk Black Turkeys

These traditional turkeys have become increasingly popular over the last two or three years. They are attractive looking with jet black feathers and tastes similar to a bronze.

All our turkeys are sold as hatched, which means they are not sexed.

Turkey chicks are at their most vulnerable for the first month, when they have to be kept under heat. We therefore recommend that you buy them once they are off heat at a month old. From then on, they are easier to manage and with good care and feeding will flourish in time for Christmas.

We have month old turkeys available for collection in August and September each year. Since supply is limited, please remember to order early!

Off heat month-old Norfolk Black Turkey Price List 2018

As Hatched Each £ Month Old Oven Ready Stag Weight Guide Hen
Norfolk Black 8.80 4th Aug 20lbs 12lbs